metal Copper Wire Mesh by chemical replacement silver plating

The silver plating was deposited on the surface of the metal Copper Wire Mesh by chemical replacement silver plating to roughen the surface, and then immersed in a dodecylmercaptan / ethanol mixed solution to carry out surface modification of the low surface energy material to prepare a contact angle To about 150 ° of super-hydrophobic Copper Wire Mesh. The surface structure and superhydrophobic properties of the Copper Wire Mesh were analyzed. The use of ultra-hydrophobic surface of the electro-wetting characteristics, the design of this copper mesh for the smart battery key components - electrolyte separator. When the smart battery in the storage phase, the electrolyte separator can prevent the electrolyte and electrode contact, put an end to the battery self-discharge occurred. When the battery is used, the copper mesh is changed from hydrophobic properties to hydrophilic characteristics with the addition of an electric field, allowing the electrolyte to pass freely through this Copper Wire Mesh. This study has a guiding significance for preventing self-discharge of the battery.

In this paper, the effects of filler composition, proportion and the interaction on the mechanical properties and friction and wear properties of Copper Wire Mesh-PTFE composite flexible self-lubricating bearing materials were systematically investigated by experiments on various reinforced and modified components. , On this basis, the composite material optimization and preparation process research, and as a matching bearing parts, successfully used in the introduction of the production of cars.