epoxy coated wire mesh is composed of low carbon steel wires woven together and coated with epoxy resin making this resistant to corrosion and acids. The epoxy coated wire mesh is usually used as a support for the filtering septums replacing galvanized wire mesh and stainless steel and is ideal due to the stability of the structure as well as its affordability.
epoxy coated wire mesh
epoxy coated wire mesh is an important material in the construction projects, they can supply high load capacity and strength for the concrete or earth ground and various base constructions. Compared with the low carbon steel wires, which is easy corrosion and rust, the epoxy coated supplies outstanding corrosion and rust resistance performance. Additional, they are anti-age and weather resistance to ensure the long service life of the welded wire fabric.
epoxy coated wire mesh
Classification of epoxy coated wire mesh
epoxy coated wire mesh
Class A. The coating thickness measurements after curing is higher than 7 mils (175 μm) for both plain and deformed welded wire fabric used for concrete reinforcement. Thickness measurements below 5 mils (125 μm) is should be rejection.
Class B. The film thickness of coating should be higher than 18 mils (450 μm) after curing for both plain and deformed steel wire and welded wire fabric used in mechanically stabilized earth applications.

Epoxy mesh is made by PS mesh, Al alloy mesh or SS wire mesh with electrostatic powder spraying, mainly used as support layer of hydraulic and air filters as well as doors, windows guarding. As YKM’s new R&D product, in many fields it can be used in replacement of traditional mesh, particularly for replacing of SS wire mesh and Galvanized wire cloth with economic, eco-friendly and durable advantages. At present,YKM possesses two Epoxy Coated coating production lines, with annual production capability over 13 mil Square Meters.
Common color: white,gray,black
Common SPEC: 12x10,16x14,18x14 & 18x16, customized specs.