Experimental Test of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

At present, composite materials are mostly used in aircraft structural components, because of their excellent properties like lightweight, high strength to weight ratio, high stiffness, and corrosion resistance and less expensive.
In this experimental work, the mechanical properties of laminate, this is reinforced with stainless steel wire mesh, aluminum sheet metal, perforated aluminum sheet metal and glass fibers to be laminate and investigated.
The stainless steel wire mesh and perforated aluminum metal were sequentially stacked to fabricate, hybrid composites. The aluminum metal sheet is also employed with that sequence to get maximum strength and less weight.
The tensile, compressive and flexure tests carried out on the hybrid composite. To investigate the mechanical properties and elastic properties of the metal matrix composite laminate of a material we are using experimental test and theoretical calculation. The experimental work consists of Tensile, compressive and flexural test.
The expectation of this project results in the tensile and compressive properties of this hybrid composite it is slightly lesser than carbon fibers but it could facilitate a weight reduction compared with CFRP panels. So this hybrid laminates composite material offering significant weight savings and maximum strength over some other GFRP conventional panels.