stainless steel wire mesh and its impacting parameters

A novel continuous ZSM-5 zeolite membrane was successfully prepared on the surface of stainless steel wire mesh by the method of hydrothermal synthesis. In order to enhance the soundness of ZSM-5 zeolite membrane on the substrate, the anodic oxidation technology was applied to modify the surface properties of stainless steel wire mesh.
The ZSM-5 zeolite membrane was characterized by the technologies of XRD and SEM to study the effect of preparation parameters on its properties. The influences of different preparation parameters including different types of electrolyte, hydrothermal synthesis time and temperature were investigated.
Results show that the surface property of the stainless steel wire mesh is improved via the anodic oxidation pretreatment technology.
After the pre-treatment by the anodic oxidation technique, obvious porous structure is appeared on the surface of the substrate, which is favorable for the growth of ZSM-5 zeolite membrane on the stainless steel wire mesh. At the same time, the preparation parameters can tremendously affect the formation of ZSM-5/SSWM zeolite membrane. ©, 2015, The Editorial Board of Journal of Zhejiang University Press. All right reserved.