Pt on the stainless steel wire mesh

A structured bimetallic catalyst, 0.1% Pt-0.75% CeO2/stainless steel wire mesh was successfully synthesized by impregnating 0.75% CeO2 and 0.1% Pt on the stainless steel wire mesh, which was modified by anodic oxidation method.
The Scanning Electron Microscopy images showed that the anodic oxidation membrane formed on the surface of stainless steel wire mesh is a porous structure. This typical structure played an important role to ensure the active phase anchored on the support. The catalyst exhibited high catalytic activity and the total oxidation of toluene, acetone and ethyl acetate over the catalyst can be achieved at 240, 320 and 300 °C, respectively.
Furthermore, the bimetallic catalyst still keeps stable even it was used up to 400 h at 10000 h-1, which is essential for industrial applications. It is proposed that the highly dispersed active species and the unique advantages of stainless steel material are conducive to the high activity and excellent stability of the catalyst. © 2015, Chinese Institute of Environmental Engineering. All right reserved.