Dutch weave mesh is manufactured from stainless steel wire. Different from plain weave woven wire mesh and twill woven wire mesh, the Dutch weave mesh has different diameter in the weft and warp directions. Commonly the warp wire is coarser wire, which can supply the high tensile strength for the wire mesh. The weft wire is finer wire, which can ensure the excellent filtering performance. This unique structure with greater strength and finer openings is primarily used as a filter cloth.
dutch weave mesh
Type of Dutch weave mesh
Dutch weave mesh can be woven in both plain dutch weave and twill dutch weave. They have their own characteristics, which can be used in different applications. There is also a specially designed and applied products - reverse dutch woven wire mesh in another page, which the warp wire lies close together and has thinner wire diameter than the warp wire.
dutch weave meshs
Plain dutch weave mesh cloth
A drawing of plain Dutch weave mesh on the white background.
Plain dutch weave mesh cloth.
Plain dutch weave is the combination of dutch weave and plain weave. It has two sizes of wire diameters like the dutch weave. Each warp wire with coarse wire diameter passes alternately over and under one weft wire to supply high tensile strength for the netting. The weft wire with fine wire diameter alternately passes over and under one warp wire to form a fine opening for filtering.
The plain dutch weave mesh cloth is mainly used for filtering and separating liquid and slurry products.
dutch weave mesh
Advantages than the plain weave woven wire mesh
Greater mechanical stability.
Finer opening for better filtration efficiency and quality.
Coarser wire for higher tensile strength.

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