Stainless Steel Wire Mesh is the dominant player in screening machinery

stainless steel wire mesh is to filter relatively small fine particles and particles. The size of the granules is about 0.05 mm -3 mm, and Stainless Steel Wire Mesh plays a leading role in the screening process. Stainless steel sieve used in high-frequency screening machine, the particles are large and small direct stainless steel screen is determined. The accuracy of the mesh of a stainless steel mesh is a key factor in the size of the particles. The dominance of stainless steel screens in screening machinery is immeasurable.
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh's mesh and particle size is the key to determining the size of the material in the screen.
Stainless steel mesh type of stainless steel wire
There are many customers consult stainless steel mesh, but asked what the material of the screen is not clear, stainless steel screen material with no wire, 304 wire, 904 silk, 317L silk, 317 wire, 304 wire, 304L silk, 321 Wire, 316 wire, 316L wire, nickel wire, TA1 wire, 280 wire, 400 wire, molybdenum wire, etc., different models of stainless steel wire used in different environments.
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh is mainly nickel-containing, the higher the content of nickel, the better. Nickel is not rusty non-magnetic, the use of the environment is also different. Stainless steel wire for stainless steel mesh material is not the same for different uses. Stainless steel mesh in addition to the different mesh, the material is also different.